Taylah Organ

Purple Bridge Climb Challenge 2022

I am being BRAVE and have signed up for the ultimate Make March Purple challenge. On March 25 I will climb the Story Bridge as it lights up PURPLE to help end epilepsy.

I am taking on this challenge to support the 280 Australians that are diagnosed with epilepsy each week. I am raising funds for Epilepsy Queensland so that they can continue to deliver essential support services.

Please help me reach my fundraising target by making a donation on this page. Your donation means the world to me and to everyone impacted by epilepsy. 

Thanks again for supporting my challenge and for helping to Make March Purple for epilepsy!

I'm Fundraising for My Brother

At the end of December 2021 my 12 year old brother, Hamish, began to have seizures. At first there were no physical symptoms but when they began they really didn't stop. He had four and then was air lifted to a well equipped hospital near our town. He had a CT scan which showed a mass on one side of his brain. Immediately he was airlifted to the Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane where a more detailed MRI was taken. This scan showed that he had a rare brain condition known as Polymicrogyria. The doctors informed us that he has had the condition since birth and that the seizures were brought on from puberty and therefore aggravated his underlying condition. After a few days in the hospital we got the amazing news that the seizures could be managed with medication, and now he is back to cracking awful jokes and being more physically active then ever. Although our experience with Hamish's epilepsy resulted in the best outcome, for many it doesn't. We want to not only raise funds but awareness around such a significant issue that so many have faced and continue to face in Australia. Everyone has a different story to tell and a different experience with epilepsy, if you have the time please feel free to share this with your friends and family and possibly give a donation. It will go towards targeted support, facilitated support and community awareness impacting thousands of individuals lives.

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions affecting 50 million people worldwide

Every week in Australia, 280 people are diagnosed with epilepsy and sadly 5 Australians will die from epilepsy each week.

I am raising funds to ensure Queenslanders with epilepsy have access to the support, training, and information they need to live well with epilepsy.

With access to the right treatment around 70% of people with epilepsy can gain control over their seizures

My Achievements

I am on the Bridge Climb Team

I will Lean Out over the Story Bridge

I will Walk the Plank

My Updates

My Brother's Condition

Monday 31st Jan

Thank you to my Sponsors


Angie Pill

Go girls and what an amazing sister you are Taylah. It is such an amazing act, fundraising for others. Xx



Absolutely wonderful of you Taylah Big hugs to you and your beautiful brother and mum & dad too xxx


Terry & Judy Glazik

Go Taylah! You ARE so brave! We’re so proud of you. Much love to our Aussie family. ❤️


Betsy Pay


Kirstin Widderick

Congrats on your efforts Taylah and Kiara


Carina Dittmann

What a very awesome thing you're doing Taylah! 🤘🏽Enjoy your climb 😊 Hugs to you all 🤗 xo


Gwen Murphy

Good on you Taylah. Wishing you all the best xx


Cynthia Smith

Dear Taylah, I am Nic’s mum, Cynthia, in the UK. I was very moved reading about what you and your friend are doing. You are both brave and inspiring young ladies! Good luck to you both, love Cynthia x


Christine Lee

Well done girls proud of you. Love Aunty Christine. X


Susan Weitekamp

Love to our Aussie "grandchildren" from Tim and Sue


Sara & Rick Hafer And Family

Love and hugs to Hamish & so proud of you, Taylah!


Deb Mattiazzi

What an AMAZING BIG SIS!!! Raising awareness with your beautiful friend! Well done girls! Keep being Strong Hamish!


Nic Smith

Go Taylah! What an amazing challenge to take on and a fantastic way to support Hamish. I think you need to get ready to be walking the plank too! All our love, Auntie Nic and Uncle Iain xx


Brooke Dowie

Well done on raising awareness and good luck with the climb! Glad to hear Hamish is doing well!


Graeme Organ


Nanny & Pop

Thank you to our beautiful thoughtful granddaughter Taylah and her special kind friend Kiara for doing this challenge and especially for raising funds for epilepsy Queensland, Very proud Grandparents.


Anne Organ

My Grandchildren so proud of u both


Andrew Organ


Scott And Amy Amerio


Aunty Kayleen And Uncle Adrian

Well done Taylah for raising funds and awareness! We are proud of you!


Aunty J & Aunty Nae

What an amazing cause to support. Proud of you and all that you are doing to help raise money for people dealing with epilepsy. Love always Aunty J and Aunty Nae


Natalie Raccanello

Great job girls - so happy Hamish is doing so well. ❤️❤️


Spiller Family

So proud of you Taylah - well done and good luck !!


Kelly Mccosker

What a wonderful act of kindness, supporting your friend and bring awareness to others. Xx


Pete C

Great work guys. Good luck on the climb!


Dani Kinnear

Good work on sharing your experiences and doing something to help out.


Lee Field

Awesome work Taylah😃 Turning a life changing event into an opportunity to support Hamish and help others... Brilliant👏


Sue Organ

Thank you to our beautiful Taylah for raising funds and awareness for anyone who has suffered a seizure. Thank you also to the very strong and brave miss Kiara for sharing your story and asking us all to help! Well done gorgeous girls! Xxx


Zoe Dunlop

Great work Taylah, thanks for sharing Hamish’s story and raising funds! :-)


Taylah Organ