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By Sonia Reeves

I am hosting a fundraiser to Make March Purple for epilepsy

Why raising awareness for Epilepsy is so important to us, here at Crafted Taste. Crafted Taste is a proud fundraiser and Corporate Sponsor of Epilepsy Queensland. We became affiliated with Epilepsy Queensland after our Granddaughter, Grace, was diagnosed at 5 months old. We believe in supporting Epilepsy Queensland’s mission to help people with epilepsy to live their best lives. We are focused to raise awareness and encourage support of Epilepsy Queensland. Epilepsy Queensland is the only Queensland based epilepsy support organisation. As a result, they provide essential services, training and programs.

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Every 33 minutes a life is turned upside down by epilepsy.

I am raising funds for Epilepsy Queensland to ensure the epilepsy helpline can continue to answer every call for help. Did you know that up to 90% of Australians with epilepsy do not feel they have access to the support they need to live well with the condition? By supporting my fundraiser you will make a real difference.

Thank you!

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One of my dearest friends is diagnosed with Epilepsy. I am happy to contribute and support Epilepsy Queensland.


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