Make a tax-deductible donation today and give hope to children living with epilepsy.

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Provides an educator with seizure first aid training to better support kids with epilepsy in their care.
Helps a child like Blythe obtain a personalised epilepsy management plan to keep them safe.
Enables a parent to receive epilepsy education to better understand their child’s diagnosis.

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$31,318 raised

$60,000 Goal

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Childhood is meant to be carefree - a time of laughter and learning. For 13-year-old Blythe, her experience has been anything but.

Blythe's life was turned upside down after being diagnosed with Juvenile Myclonic Epilepsy just over a year ago. Devastating seizures are just the tip of the iceberg, with her diagnosis leading to school exclusion, social isolation and bullying.

"Epilepsy affects every part of my life but, so far, the condition itself hasn’t been my biggest problem – it’s how people react to it," says Blythe.

Donate today to give children living with epilepsy the support they need to stay safe at school and live well.

Seizure First Aid Training

Your generous gift of $250 ensures children with epilepsy are safe at school by providing seizure first aid and emergency medication training for their teacher and other educators. It will equip school staff with the knowledge and understanding to foster a positive environment free of discrimination.

Epilepsy Management Plan

Your gift of $100 will provide a child with an Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) that is tailored to their specific needs. Every child diagnosed with epilepsy experiences the condition differently and these personalised plans give those entrusted with their care the information needed to keep them safe.

Family Education Session

Your gift of $50 ensures a family, just like Blythe's, will receive a free epilepsy education session to further understand their child's diagnosis. They will be given the knowledge and tools they need to help manage their child's epilepsy, and the confidence to employ those tools whenever the need arises.