Purple Palate: Baking for a Seizure-Free Tomorrow

By Jenna Crosland


Our fundraiser, 'Purple Palate,' aims to raise both funds and awareness for those living with epilepsy. As many families deal with the challenges of epilepsy, we understand the impact it can have on daily life. With your generous contributions, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected. Let's turn March into a month of lavender sweetness!

Just over two years ago, my family's adventure took an unexpected turn when one of our little loves was diagnosed with epilepsy. While we now have a routine of daily medication, the daily dance with epilepsy has become a unique part of our lives.

Our commitment goes beyond medication – it includes the task of teaching our child to spot the warning signs of a seizure and spring into action. Picture it as a daily detective game, where vigilance becomes our superhero power!

This watchful eye extends to our adventures in swimming and bike riding, where we've become expert monitors while our child enjoys life to the fullest. Additionally, we've taken on the role of epilepsy advocates, sharing essential information with caregivers so they are well-prepared to handle any unexpected plot twists.

Our journey isn't just about managing epilepsy; it's about sprinkling a little extra awareness and understanding into the world. By sharing the lighter side of our lives with epilepsy, we hope to bring a smile and raise awareness. Your support in our fundraising for Epilepsy Queensland is like adding a splash of color to our story. Together, let's create a narrative of hope and change! 💜 #PurplePalateFundraiser #EpilepsyAwareness

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Thursday 22nd Feb
On Thursday, March 21, 2024, we're hosting a delightful bake sale at my workplace to raise funds for Epilepsy QLD. Even if you're not a coworker, you can still contribute by donating directly via this fundraising page. Your support is greatly appreciated as we come together to make a sweet difference for a great cause