Sam, FI, Annie and Stirling Bryce

Bryce Family

Bryce's go Purple for Epilepsy

Our family has been supported by the great people at Queensland Epilepsy, who have helped us through the tough times of the journey but also they've enabled us to share and celebrate the positive milestones we’ve had with the whole community.

Sam and Stirling are both directly affected by the condition and therefore it affects us all however we consider ourselves very fortunate that we can live perfectly normal lives knowing and understanding our boundaries.

We want to support EQI so they can continue to help others on their epilepsy journey and delivering on their Mission…………….. of being a beacon of Hope to Queenslanders living and dealing with epilepsy.  

Sam will be joining the Bridge Climbing Challenge and Stirling and Annabel will #gettingmucked to increase awareness and raise money for a cause very close to our hearts!

Thank you

Sam, Fi, Annabel and Stirling 

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Mr Nicholas J Iles


Michael Kennedy


Matt Paech

Great work!


Greg Hayes

Great cause; keep it going.


David & Emma Giesemann

Great cause Bryce Family and well done on creating awareness


Oldham Family

Have really appreciated the challenges facing those with epilepsy and fascinated by the way treatment has ensured you can go about your daily business. Thanks for sharing your story!