Do I need to register or let Epilepsy Queensland know about my fundraising?

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Yes please!  So we can provide you help and guidance as and when you need it. Once you register we will send you a welcome pack containing the things you need to run a successful fundraiser.   You will also receive a letter that authorises you to fundraise on our behalf, you may need this to show donors, sponsors and other event organisers.

How do I register?

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You can register anytime you like by clicking the 'Get Started' button or linked text Click here to register on the respective page.

Straight away, you'll receive a registration email with login details for your online fundraising page. Within a few days, you'll be contacted by our dedicated support team and receive your welcome pack.

Do I have to pay for a Retail merchandise box upfront?

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This year we are requesting payment for merchandise boxes in advance to reduce considerable time and cost.

Merchandise boxes can be purchased through the mail via cheque or money order, via invoicing (to be paid prior to dispatch of stock), with a credit/debit card over the phone or purchased online.

Payment up front is advantageous as there is no reconciliation paper work to complete, monies to be banked and plushies can then be promoted until sold rather than having to be returned at the end of March.

Where can I buy merchandise instore?

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There are retailers across Queensland selling Make March Purple Plushies including pharmacies, select Big Ws.

Click here for our full list of retailers and locations.

Can I hold a Raffle

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A raffle is a great way to fundraise if you can source your prizes at no cost. 

Approach your friends, family, colleagues, and local businesses for donation of new prizes (not second hand or used items).

Please read Epilepsy Queensland’s Raffle Guidelines for more information and make sure you let us know what you are planning with a Raffle Request Form.  Raffles are classed as a form of gambling, so we need to keep a record of all raffles benefiting Epilepsy Queensland.

Contact our fundraising team should you have any queries ph: 07 3435 5000 or email: 

How/where do I bank the money I raise?

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If you created your very own online fundraising page, you can transfer your funds raised straight to your page, this will add to your overall tally so all of your supporters can see how your fundraising went.

If you do not have an online fundraising page, your welcome pack will include Epilepsy Queensland’s bank account details along with your very important unique reference number. Please remember to email a copy of your transaction receipt to: 

What if one of my supporters doesn’t have or want to use a credit card to donate to my online fundraising page?

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In this instance, you could accept the cash and make the donation yourself in their name. Alternatively, please phone our office on 1300 852 853 and we will assist with their donation.

What can Epilepsy Queensland do/give me to help with my fundraising?

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Our dedicated team are just a phone call or email away to help you plan and organise your event. However, we cannot actually undertake tasks for you.

Please find here Epilepsy Queensland’s Fundraising Guide, and below are some resources and tips designed to support your fundraising efforts.  If you have a question or need help, please contact our team on 1300 852 853 or email: 

Tips for success with your online fundraising page

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Be the first! By donating to your own supporter page you are showing your commitment to your fundraising and giving others an idea of how much they should donate.

Remember to include pictures of yourself, people want to see who they are donating to.

Update your supporter page! Keep your donors and potential donors updated with your progress, how is the fundraising going? What obstacles have you come across, what are you really enjoying etc.

Tell your story! Let supporters know WHY you are doing what you are doing, they want to know – share your passion.

Set your target at an amount you feel is achievable, and when you are close to reaching your target – increase it! If people think you are close to meeting your target they may not donate the $100 they were going to if you are only $25 off your goal.

Thank your donors! Let them know their donation has been noticed and appreciated.

Share your fundraising page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and other social media platforms – spread the word! If someone isn’t able to donate, ask them to share as well, every share helps.

Finally – ask again! People often need reminding, if you asked them once and they haven’t donated – ask again, they may have just forgotten and won’t begrudge a friendly reminder. And don’t be afraid to ask after you’ve completed your event, almost 20% of donations come in after the challenge is over!

Tips for promoting your fundraising event/activity

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Using social media is a great way to promote your event as you will have control over the images and updates you share and will be able to engage with people directly making your messages personalised. 

If possible tag us @EpilepsyQueensland on Facebook or @epilepsyqld on Instagram and Twitter.

You can also approach local media who may cover your fundraiser; it is important to chat with our Communications team first who may provide a media release and further assistance:

If it is a public event you could invite your local Councillor or State Member for Parliament, again we recommend contacting our Communications team first for further assistance.