I will take the Purple Muck Challenge!

Show you care and dare to be covered in purple muck to raise funds and awareness for the 65 million people around the world whose lives are interrupted by epilepsy!

Taking the Muck Me Purple Challenge is simple.

1. Chose the type of PURPLE muck you want to be covered in. - slime, purple foam, Jelly (check out our easy recipe here to create purple muck)

2. Set a donation target - that once reached will mean you get mucked #getmuckedforepilepsy

3. Film and photograph your mucking. Be sure to share the moment you get covered in PURPLE muck for all your friends on social media - and your fundraising page.

4. Nominate someone you want to take the Purple Muck Challenge

Use the hastags:

#muckmepurple  #muckmeforepilepsy #getmuckedepilepsy #getmuckedforepilepsy 

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