Tarryn Wedel

By 12 Years of Epilepsy!

I am hosting an event to Make March Purple for epilepsy

Each week in Australia 280 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy.

In 2009, At age 13 I experienced two Tonic-Clonic Seizures a week apart. A series of tests and a short while later, I was Diagnosed with Juvenile Absence Epilepsy.

12 years on, I have experienced Multiple Absence, Partial, Focal and Tonic Clonic Seizures.

Thanks to expert medical care & medication, I am fortunate enough to now be 4 years seizure free! 

Epilepsy Queensland has provided myself and thousands of Aussies with ongoing support, funding and community through their Social Media Pages, Research Funding and their Epilepsy Helpline.

With the help of an amazing Friend, I am hosting a Fundraising Event to raise funds for Epilepsy Queensland to ensure the epilepsy helpline can continue to answer every call for help. 

With a goal of $500 I will be letting Tamara Sherman Dye my hair Purple for Epilepsy Awareness! 

Thank you 💜

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3 Days in and $200 Raised!

Wednesday 3rd Mar
I am so happy and proud to say that three days into March we have raised over $200! 
Thankyou so much to everyone who has chosen to Donate in support of Epilepsy Queensland. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sharon Wedel


Camille Chantelot


Brenda Mittelman




Debra Bartholomeusz

Very proud of you sweet heart


Simone Clarke



Kady Canfield



Jennifer Holt

An amazing strong young lady . Always looks for the positives


Amber Hillenbrand



So proud of you babycakes!


Maree Ryan

A cause close to your heart. Hope you can achieve your goal. Love Auntie XX