Making March Purple for Epilepsy Awareness and Mental Health

By Sophie Kempton

Painting the Town PURPLE! Starting with just my hair... but please donate, join me, or do both! 

I will be hosting a 5km fun run, you can complete at home or sponsor participants.

And last, but definitely not at least, I will be hosting a big PURPLE morning tea. Bring a plate, bring yourself, bring the whole family... but also please donate as we spread awareness. 

My Updates

What March really means to me, my family & friends

Monday 8th Feb
Please read my experience of how my diagnosis of epilepsy has impacted my life & how I wish to help those in a similar situation;

Thank you to my Sponsors


Nicola Carlish


David And James


Kyle Pringle

What a legend! So proud of you Soph for promoting something that has affected you personally and that you're passionate about!


Melanie Kempton