Get Mucked for epilepsy

By Olivia Wells

I am hosting an event to Make March Purple for epilepsy

Each week in Australia 280 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy. I am hosting an event to raise funds for Epilepsy Queensland to ensure the epilepsy helpline can continue to answer every call for help. Did you know that up to 90% of Australians with epilepsy do not feel they have access to the support they need to live well with the condition? By supporting my event you will make a real difference. Thank you.

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Wednesday 3rd Mar
Hi, my name is Olivia I was first diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 17. At this time I was 12 weeks pregnant which was a very scary time for all involved. Before my first fit I had never had any signs of epilepsy. I now take medication twice a day and have not had a fit since. Please help raise funds and awareness for epilepsy 💜