Wesley Leleca Memorial Fundraiser

By Nataly Anderson

I am hosting a fundraiser to Make March Purple for epilepsy

I am raising funds for Epilepsy QLD in memory of my son Wesley Leleca to ensure Epilepsy QLD are able to continue providing families & epileptic’s with vital CPR training & epilepsy support. Wesley suffered from autism, ADHD, amblyopia & was newly diagnosed with epilepsy in July 2023 after he began having seizures in February of the same year. On the 19th of November Wesley celebrated his 14th birthday with his family at home as he always did & on the 24th of November just 5 days later he suffered an epileptic seizure which stopped his heart beating & caused irreversible brain damage. With the CPR which his mother performed & the amazingly quick response from local emergency services Wesley’s heart came back but his beautiful brain only came back long enough for him to gather his family around him & help us see all the ways he would never leave in body & in spirit. On the 27th of November at 3.20pm Wesley Leleca was pronounced brain dead but he did not die, because of his giving heart he gave life instead. 2 children are alive because Wesley gave them his liver, 2 adults are alive because Wesley was a rare perfect match for both & gave them his kidneys & 1 incredibly lucky child is doing exceptionally well because they have the gift of Wesley’s perfect beautiful heart. In addition he will restore sight to several people, provide skin for burns victims, tendons for muscular injuries & save numbers that cannot be counted, through further research from his other tissue donations. To honour Wesley’s memory & continue a Legacy of Giving in his name we are fundraising for Epilepsy QLD in numerous ways to support the vital help they provide.

By supporting my fundraiser you will make a real difference. 

Thank you!

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Wesley’s Giving Legacy

Monday 26th Feb

I gave back the breath that I breathed & the love that I was loved with. 

To the lives that haven't been lived yet, with the life that I did live.

All that I might have been & couldn’t be will not be wasted.

My legacy will forever be.

My presence that lives in many & my spirit that gives to others.

Wesley Spencer Leleca


Wesley Leleca Memorial Fishing Competition Fundraiser Event

Monday 26th Feb

Wesley Leleca was a local Charleville boy he was the youngest of 6 siblings & he lived & breathed for our local rivers spending the majority of his time fishing, yabbying, swimming & exploring non stop until his unexpected Epilepsy diagnosis changed all of that & ultimately ended his life. To honour Wesley’s memory & continue a Legacy of Giving in his name we feel there is no better way to achieve this than to host an annual fishing competition in June each year in his memory with all proceeds being donated to charities & organisations, either directly involved in his end of life emergency care or linked to the life he lived with the capacity to make a difference in other lives. One of these charities is Epilepsy Queensland to support them in continuing the work they do with individuals living with epilepsy & their immediate families. We are committed to raising funds for Epilepsy Queensland in the hope that other individuals living with epilepsy do not have to suffer the same fate as our beloved Wesley & their families are educated & equiped with the knowledge & skills to provide their epileptic family member with the best support for healthy happy long lives. We also wish for SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Epilepsy Death) to receive more awareness & research support in order to limit its impact on the Epilepsy community. 

The Wesley Leleca Memorial Fishing Competition will be held in Charleville on the 21-23 of June 2024. 


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Wesley Leleca Memorial Fundraising Raffles


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