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Kids iFLY for Epilepsy

I am being BRAVE and have signed up for the Kids iFLY for Epilepsy challenge. On January 29 I will soar beyond my expectations and help end epilepsy.

I am taking on this challenge to support the 20,000 Qld kids living with epilepsy. I am raising funds for Epilepsy Queensland so that they can continue to provide education, support and hope for Qld kids to live a life uninterrupted by epilepsy.

Please help me reach my fundraising target by making a donation on this page. Your donation means the world to me and to everyone impacted by epilepsy.

If you know a kid that would like to come fly with me, limited places are still available register here. 

Thanks again for supporting my challenge and for helping Qld kids to live well with epilepsy!

I am being BRAVE for kids with epilepsy

I had my first seizure at 5 am on Christmas morning when I was 2 years old. Now I am 13 and going to take on the Ifly challenge to raise money to help little kids who are learning to live with epilepsy - just like I did.

My seizures always seemed to happen at 5 o'clock in the morning, and mostly when I was tired or had been excited or doing lots of fun things. This meant that I nearly always had one when we went on holiday and at Birthdays and Christmas time.

After my seizures, I would feel really sleepy and sick and would vomit and sleep for about 6 hours until I started to feel better. Sometimes I would have to go to the hospital if my seizures went too long and the medication didn't work. It was always scary waking up in an ambulance not knowing what had happened. 

I am lucky that as I got older my seizures happened less and less, and now I have not had one for 2 years!

I hope that everyone with epilepsy can stop having seizures - and so I am raising money to help that happen!
Please donate what you can. 

Thank you!

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