Purple Jelly Kelie mucked for epilepsy

By Kelie Schoch

I am hosting an event to Make March Purple for epilepsy

I am doing this for my baby sister who has epilepsy and has been suffering seizures every month for the last few years. She has pursued her career through these challenges and is now a qualified teacher and living in rural Queensland. I am so proud of her accomplishments through all of this and will happily get mucked for her! 

Each week in Australia 280 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy. I am hosting an event to raise funds for Epilepsy Queensland to ensure the epilepsy helpline can continue to answer every call for help. Did you know that up to 90% of Australians with epilepsy do not feel they have access to the support they need to live well with the condition? By supporting my event you will make a real difference. Thank you.

My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Colin Vidler

For your sister and my brother


Kelly Baker

Great cause Kel. Good on you!




Janice Chamberlain

I'm looking forward to seeing you purple


Charles Henwood

Such a worthy cause , my youngest was diagnosed a few months back with Epilepsy. Thank you Kelie for making a difference


Mandy Kajewski


Michael Hallett




Upender Reddy Nimma


Avtar Singh

Hi kelie im very happy to donate some money.



Donating because it’s a cause so close to my h...brain 🧠🤪🤣


Gregory Scott

Proud of you and Juls


Simon Hay


Kirstin Scott



Go Kel!


Kelie Schoch