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Courtney Ham

Go Julia!


Rachel Sampson




Amie Casswell

Great job Miss Scott x


Mooch + Me


Lindsay Daly


Katrina Sempf

Awesome work Miss Scott!


Molly & Brody

Can’t wait to ‘muck’ you tomorrow! Xx


Alyce Burgess


Renee Jentz

Well done Miss Scott! :)


Tracey Batchelor

Good luck



You are the sweetest the bravest and selfless! Love you and you will always be my baby cousin!! Look forward to seeing you get messyπŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ€£


Archie D

Good Luck Miss Scott.


Neale Family

We are proud of you Miss Scott!


Shannon B

A double mucking! Now that’s commitment. Can’t wait to see the pics πŸ’œ


Brooke Gray


Michael Hallett


Simon Hay


Dad Xx

Proud of you Juls



Can’t wait to see the pictures! Good luck Julia!


Hayden Long

Proud of you Julia for raising awareness! Looking forward to seeing the photos


Georgeina Long

Good on you Julia. So proud of you. ⚘ Cant wait to see the pictures 🌟πŸ₯°


Favourite Brother

Double the mixture please Dylan...


Hanah Heaydon

Thank you for consistently raising awareness for Epilepsy to educate myself and others! So proud of how far you have come! X


Kirstin Scott


Dylan Long

I’m a very proud boyfriend that I get to be the one pouring the muck on you πŸ˜„


Julia Scott