Did you know there are two BIG epilepsy questions that neurologists wish they could easily answer?

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Around 30,000 Queenslanders are living with epilepsy and the two most common questions they will ask their neurologist are “What is the cause of my epilepsy” and “How can my epilepsy be treated?” While neurologists expect to hear these questions, answering them can be anything but simple.

That is why we are excited to tell you about the partnership between Epilepsy Queensland and the University of Queensland. Together we are working towards unlocking the answers to the two BIG epilepsy questions.

This tax time, we are asking for your support to help fund an epilepsy research project called Precision Based Management.

Associate Professor Lata Vadlamudi from the University of Queensland says, “one of the most difficult questions that neurologists struggle to answer is, what is the cause of my epilepsy? Our research is focused on better answering this question.”

Each year, when 3,000 newly diagnosed Queenslanders ask” what is the cause of my epilepsy?”, only around 1,000 people receive an answer. For most people, the cause remains uncertain.

Associate Professor Lata Vadlamudi says “In two-thirds of people, the cause of epilepsy is unknown, however, genetics are likely to play a role. Research into how changes to genes cause seizures will not only help understand the cause but enable more tailored treatment and help end the long journey of searching for the cause. We hope that one day as we better understand the cause of epilepsy, we will be able to discover new treatments that have the potential to cure epilepsy.”

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