Fundraise on Facebook

Facebook gives you a super simple way to make an impact on epilepsy.

Whether you are celebrating a significant event, remembering a loved one or taking on a personal challenge, share it with your friends and family on Facebook and ask them to donate to Epilepsy Queensland in your honour. 


It is super simple, make sure you are already logged into Facebook on this device, then click here to get started:

Down the left menu you can edit the details of your fundraiser, including the cover photo & title of your fundraiser, why are you raising money and your fundraising target.  When you are happy with it click on the create button at the bottom of your page.

Keep your supporters engaged by posting photos and updates on your Facebook fundraiser and personally thanking anyone who donates.


Best news, Facebook charges no fees for donations to charities. All donations will go to Epilepsy Queensland to better support people to live well with epilepsy.

The Drabsch family from Chinchilla have raised $5607 for Epilepsy Queensland over the past two years, all through Facebook fundraisers.

Each year Courtney shares her birthday fundraiser with friends and family on Facebook while her brother Jeremy took on an ultra-marathon challenge to highlight the challenges of people living with epilepsy.

Courtney follows us on Facebook and says “It’s a truly inspiring page, especially hearing others' stories. It makes you sad, but also drives you to want to help.”

“In helping others understand, when we raise awareness and donate and fundraise towards places like Epilepsy Queensland and research institutions, we can all help to ensure a brighter future for people impacted by epilepsy.”